Functional Practices

  • Wealth, Asset and Portfolio Management
  • Equity and Capital Markets Diagnostic
  • Financial Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Value Based Management
  • External Growth Strategies
  • Principal Investing
  • Valuation
  • Due Diligence
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Risk Appraisal and Management
  • Tax Compliance and Planning
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Transaction Strategy


  • Corporate Strategy
  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Growth Strategy
  • Privatization Strategy
  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Competitive Dynamics and Game Theory
  • Financial Valuation of Environmental Assets Strategy

Marketing & Sales

  • Branding
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Marketing Organization and Capability Building
  • Marketing Strategy and Spending Effectiveness
  • Pricing Strategy

Organization and Human Resources

  • Skills/Competency Modeling and Execution
  • Skills Analysis
  • Competency Profiling and Assessment
  • Motivation, Performance, and Talent
  • Institutional System Design
  • Assess Innovation Capability
  • Corporate Transformation
  • Learning Roadmaps

Intellectual Property Management Development and Monetization 

  • Intellectual Property Creation and Development
  • Intellectual Property Monetization
  • Intellectual Property Valuation
  • Intellectual Property Litigation Support

Forensics and Litigation Support

  • Business Valuation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Damage Assessments and Computation
  • Intellectual Property Valuation Disputes & Reverse Engineering
  • Divorce Mediation,  Matrimonial Valuation Services
  • Financial Valuation of Natural Assets Portfolio
  • Discrimination and Termination Damage Valuation
  • Fraud Risk Management and Detection
  • Forensic Investigations and Asset Tracking
  • Expert Testimony

Industry Practices


We serve a wide range of industries...from Agribusiness, Automotive, Banking, Consumer Packaged, Electric Power & Natural, Environment, Health Care, and High Technology, Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecommunication Services, Retailing & Consumer Products, Energy and Utilities, and Non-profit organizations.


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