At ValueTelligence, We Work Harder For Our Clients And We Deliver What We Promise And Measure Our Success By Result!


 ValueTelligence, Inc., is a multidisciplinary professional services company provides practices in the following areas.

  • Corporate Finance, Investment and Wealth Management
  • Strategy
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Organization and Human Resources
  • Intellectual Property Management Development and Monetization
  • Litigation Support, Due Dilligence, Forensic Accounting and Valuation 

Our clients include private and public companies, multinational companies, law firms, non-profit organizations and individuals.

ValueTelligence was formed to fill the gap between theoretical value creation and the realization of value creation.

Our mission is ambitious:  to help clients make lasting and substantial improvements in their performance.  As you explore this site, we hope you get an insight into the enormous resources – people, knowledge, and capabilities – that we have committed to our clients and to the members of our firm.


We provide clients with what they must know to become outstanding performers and to appreciate value. By collaborating with our clients throughout engagements, we build understanding and support, avoid surprises, ensure momentum, and turn information into real knowledge. Our technological, financial and economic consulting services teams use simple, clear and powerful language to present sophisticated cases.

members are renowned technologists and recognized business leaders with proven records of creating and delivering value for clients and shareholders. Among our team are many who are world leaders in their specialist technology and finance fields, leading the development of standards and new technologies in areas including multimedia, IP and data networks, network design and management, business applications, business development and strategy, technology and intangible valuation models.

ValueTelligence's teams have had an impact on the evolution of various industries and often have played a central role with P&L responsibility at major companies with remarkable success stories.

Our professionals hold MDs, Ph.D.s, J.D.s, MBAs, CPAs, CFAs and other advanced degrees. Our people make up a diverse global culture. In our practice, we will collaborate with leading industry and academic researchers, domestically and internationally.

We specialize in executing on the promises to monetize assets with knowledge, new tools and expertise applicable in the new types of businesses serving new markets. New business models are emerging, based on unique combinations of assets, including intangibles such as developing technologies. These new businesses create new risks and encompass upside opportunity as well as downside threat.

ValueTelligence has new unique and disciplined processes and advanced tools to manage both new business models and new risks. We believe economic success is driven by how well an enterprise builds and manages its unique portfolio of assets. If an enterprise understands its value components then it can act expeditiously with maximum competitive advantage in every business transaction / opportunity.

ValueTelligence works with clients to create a culture in which people focus on where they are going, instead of where they have been.




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